Read any website aloud

Our main idea - Take any website, give us its url and we will make it speak! You can then interact with the website by selecting paragraphs to be spoken, paused, resumed or just let us read it top to bottom. To give you a pleasent experience we offer you a real time text highlighting for an easy read along.

Automatic language detection Multilingual with automatic language detection

We support many languages such as English, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, German and Swedish as well as any languages and voices built in to your browser. Talkify comes with automatic language detection engine meaning we will read any given paragrapgh to you in the language that it is written. A demo of the language engine can be found in this Fiddle.

Our text to speech API - Gives you the full power of Talkify

With our SDK we give you all our feature available to you! This means that your website can become an audio book, newspaper or blog in a matter of minutes. Read more about our SDK here.

Download as mp3

Talkify recognize that you don't always have time to listen right away, why not download the website or any selected text as an mp3 file and listen later when you got the time?

Natural sounding voices

Talkify provides natural sounding voices in a range of languages, we can also leverage your browsers built in voices that enables you to listen to websites in virtually any language.