Why Talkify should be your Choice

We collect voices from world leading vendors. We gather them under one API. One umbrella.

Integration can be hard. Let that headache be ours.

Talkify is for everyone

We believe that web content should be accessible to everyone. Dyslexia or visual impairment should not stand in the way consuming web content. Our products allow web content, e-books, pdfs and more to be read aloud to you.

Meet WCAG requirements

Our recommendations to you

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Text to speech is a great deal when it comes to web content accessibility. Many countries has legal requirements that states that web content should be accessible to everyone.

Integrating with Talkify will help you succeed meeting the WCAG.

The Web Accessibility initiative has a great video about WCAG and TTS here.

Vision impairment or dyslexia

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Try Web reader Try E-book reader

Many people use our products as a help when reading content on the web. If you have vision impairment, dyslexia or just difficulty reading then try it our for yourself.

App owners

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Check out our integration options

If you are an app owner, especially web apps, then you are in luck. We have easy to use APIs and JS-libraries at your fingertips.


Our recommendations to you

Try Web reader

Proofread your paper or learn a second language. Our Web reader is the perfect choice for you.

Education and schools

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Use Web reader in class Check out our integration options

Schools and universities already use Talkify in their language education. Just direct students to our free to use Web reader or use our integration options to tailor the experience.

How Talkify works

Building Text To Speech software from scratch is tedious and expensive work. There are plenty of vendors supplying TTS voices, all with different requirements. Adding a UI to the solution is in itself another expensive project.

We at Talkify solves this for you. We have done all this. For you. At a much smaller cost.

One API to rule them all

We integrate with the world top suppliers of TTS-voices and merge them into one API. Here you have access to all the voices - collected under one umbrella.

UI on top

We have build an advanced JavaScript library that integrates perfectly with our API. All the voices collected in one place for your Web Application.

The library can also use built-in browser voices, some that even works offline.

WordPress integration

We know that not every Website owner can integrate JavaScrip libraries. Our WordPress plugin leverages our JavaScript library and brings an easy to use WordPress component to all WordPress app owners, no matter the techincal background.

Install our WordPress plugin

Our TTS partners



We host SAPI 5 voices on our own

Google Cloud

GCloud Text To Speech Integration


Amazon Polly is a great TTS service and is heavily used at Talkify

Microsoft Azure

Our newest integration

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