Talkify Web Reader

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Use Talkify Web reader

Read any website aloud

Talkify Web Reader is a free* text to speech online solution that enables you to listen to your favourite blog, newspaper or website. Web Reader supports all major browsers and devices and will read websites aloud with natural sounding voices, we also support your browsers built in natural sounding voices.

*Limited access to Premium and Exclusive voices. Use Talkify Premium for 24/7 access to all our voices.

Flexible and easy to use

Talkify Web Reader is a flexible and versatile piece of software. It has many use cases and is the basis of the Talkify platform. Web reader is used in every Talkify product.

For personal use

Use Talkify Web Reader to listen to web pages. Enjoy the news read aloud to you. Enjoy a more accessible web. Enjoy the flexibility and control we provide.

For business

As Web reader is the central most product it is also the starting point to any integration. Website and app-owners can easily use Talkify Web Reader on their app. Visit our integration page for more information.

Leverage all the features

Visit Web Reader on GitHub

Text highlighting

Text highligting, or speech marks, is when the spoken word is highlighted, just like this. In addition to this we also highlight the current sentence. This is great for extra accessability and is ofcourse an opt in feature.

Control voice attributes

Control Volume, rate of speech and pitch. Some voices also supports presets such as whisper or softer style of speech. We also support SSML for full control.

Media player User Interface

Using our JavaScript-library you can leverage our ready to use User Interface which, for example, has a voice picker and controls such as play/pause, fast-forward, rewind and much more.

Text interaction

Turn on text interaction to enable "click-to-play" on paragraphs. This makes it easy to jump between sections of text.

Voice commands

Tell your browser to read text to you. Control play, pause, next and previous paragraphs using configurable phrases.

Keyboard commands

Talkify Web Reader supports a selection of keyboard commands such as play/pause, next and previous. Keys are configurable.

Voice and language picker

Over 150 voices in 50 languages at your fingertip. Our Web Reader UI features a voice picker neatly grouped by dialect.

Enhanced visibility

Adds a subtitle at the bottom of the screen. With an increased font size and built in text highlighting you will have a much easier time reading along.

Talkify Web Reader tools and resources

We provide an excellent Chrome Extension that will read your active website aloud. This means that you can use our Web reader on websites where you need to be logged in to access content.